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How can I help you?

Housing Support

Excel House offers housing support with move-in ready condition. All the furniture and utilities (wifi, gas, electricity, water, garbage collection) are already set up, and all you need to bring is your personal items.

There’s a local property manager in Batavia and she can provide in-person assistance. We will also set up regular check in to see how you’re doing over a video call.

More details:

 * 3(4) bedroom, 1 bathroom

 * Located right in the downtown

 * 5 mins walk from the bus stop

 * Completely furnished


Counseling Support

Another primary part of Excel House is personal counseling. You can discuss anything from personal life to you career path. When I was in college, I did not have any adults with the same background as mine (i.e. East Asian adult) and I was not sure who to go for some wise guidance.

Through this personal counseling, I’m hoping to light the way to achieve your goal. You do not need to be a resident of Excel House to receive this service, and I will be happy to assist you without charge.  


* Resume writing

* Building strategies for job hunting

* Finding college to transfer

* Misc. paperwork (driver’s license, etc.)

* Misc. tips on living in the states

* Just to have yourself heard

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